Thanks to the following:

Contributions of cameras (and cash):

Ruben Miranda - QuickCam Pro 5000
Greg Sutherland - Generic SPCA561A
Marc Jensen - Creative Vista Plus (PAC207)
Claudio Allochio (GARR) - Generic PAC7311
Luda - cash for EyeToy (OV519)
Dennis Kane - cash for Ezonics EZCam II (TV8532)
Brian Bulmer - Intel CS330 (x2!)
Stuart Midgley - cash for cameras
Pico Instruments - two iMage USB webcams and complete documentation!
Cyber Snipa - two very nice ZC0301P-based USB webcams!
many anonymous donors - cash for more cameras!

Contributions of code (blood, sweat and tears):

Michel Xhaard - maintainer of the spca5xx Linux driver
Hidekazu Uchida - Started driver for PAC207
Bob Hobbs - Fixes for QuicCam Express (Elch2)
masakazu - QuickCam Messenger Driver
Vincenzo Mantova - Start of OV519 driver

Help with testing and debugging:

Apple (Brad Ford) - finding and solving a serious bug
Ronald Zellner - help with TV8532 debugging

Help from camera manufacturers:

Pico Instruments - the first!
Useful documentation, cameras, code - all would be appreciated.

Thanks to anyone whom I might have forgotten.


And finally, thanks to everyone who reports working cameras, requests, suggestions, and bugs. Logo
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